Netgalley Book Declines

I review 100’s of books a week on lots of different sites. When I request them and I am denied, I often wonder what the publisher is trying to hide. Here are a few of the books that I was not allowed to read.

1. #Psycho-Analysis: Revenge by Catherine Nuza

2. #Who cares if they die by Wendy Dranfield

3. #The fake date by Lynda Stacey

4. #Delayed Justice by Cara C. Putnam

5. #A wrench in the works by Kate Carlisle

6.#The boy at the door by Alex Dahl.

Now there are more but I will stop here because I wanted to also say that the current review for some of these are not good at all so maybe th y just did not want more bad ones. However, I post reviews and will also let readers know which ones I was not able to and they can judge for themselves if they want to spend their hard earned money on The particular book. Thanks for reading and I will post again soon.

Let’s review

i have been reading a lot lately as I have been lucky enough to win books and ebooks on goodreads as well as netgalley.

Witchnapped in Westerham

This is a great story about a young woman looking for her biological brother who was kidnapped. They are witches. She must travel to London and here is where the story picks up. This is a great book that I feel even middle graders and teens would like. I hope that the writer will continue to write because the story is easy to follow and keeps you guessing. My hunches were wrong but I still tried. What a great book that I give 5 stars out of 5.


It’s Sunday!!

Is there any better way to spend a Sunday than in bed writing while thunderstorms are popping up all around me? Probably not at least, not for me. I wanted to share a few thoughts on some new books that I have been reading. Several of them have definitely taken me by surprise. One in particular is Not Her Daughter by Rhea Frey. This book is amazing. The author Brings the story together with fluidity in her writing and keeps the reader gripped in the story. Emma, was a young child when Sarah took her from the airport. Emma’s mother, Amy, was very verbally abusive and did not deserve Emma. Or so Sarah thought. I do not want to spoil the story for you but there are some twists and turns in this stor that will make it hard for you to put it down. Overall I would give this book a 4.5 out of a 5. If you like Lisa Scottoline then you will love this writer.

The second book is A noise downstairs by Linwood Barclay. I won this book as a giveaway from goodreads as well as the author so hopefully I will do it justice. This one starts off as Paul is driving home one night and spots the car in front of him driving erratically. He realizes that the car belongs to his acquaintance Kenneth Hoffman. As the car in front finally comes to a stop so does Paul. He gets out to make sure his friend is ok and does need a ride the rest of the way home. However, he finds something worse. Kenneth has 2 bodies in the back of his car. He realizes that Paul must die to avoid him going to jail so he pulls out a shovel, the one he was going to bury the bodies with, and hits Paul on the head. If it were not for the police officer out looking for Kenneth’s car because of a broken tail light, Kenneth would have gotten away with 3 murders. Fast forward…. Paul is having nightmares and PTSD issues and is seeing Dr. Anna White, a therapist for the issues. Through the sessions Paul decides to learn more about Kenneth and why he did what he did. So, Paul’s wife finds a typewriter that she gives to him to write his story on.

At  night however, the keys are being hit by someone or something. Paul believes that the typewriter is the same one that Kenneth made the victims type on before their death. Could that be it? Or is Paul just going crazy? I hope you did not expect me to give the ending away……. that would not be good. I hope you will remember dad this amazing story by this brilliant author.